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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cheaters and Hackers on Black Ops and MW3

Cheats and hacks really frustrating.
here are three main points

.Hackers change the game settings so you cant play properly.

.Corner traping gets you stuck in a corner and cant move. How do you think you will feel if you get corner traped or the game YOUR playing gets hacked. I can tell you its not cool.

.It's fun to hack but not if your playing in the game.

Please if your one of the people that corner trap or hack or even boost don't do it think what we feel.(By the way boosting is when you get 25 kills then you get a Moab)

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  1. Hi Nick
    You need to expand your writing beyond just listing facts and points.

    Instead of writing 'cheats and hacks are really frustrating' how could you have made a connection with your reader. What does it feel like in the middle of the game. Take the reader right to the point where that happens.

    Show them that moment, when you are just about to reach the next level and then out of nowhere...



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